Through Night and Day (2018) Alessandra de Rossi | Paolo Contis


Disclaimer: I am in no way a movie critic. I just want to share with you all the lessons learned after watching the said film. Also, this post may contain spoilers. Kaya kung hindi mo pa napapanuod, nuod na! Magready ka lang ng tissue at tubig para hindi ma-dehydrate.

1. Unconditional love

“Thank you, Ben. Since we met, you’ve always taken care of me. Even now that you don’t have to. That kind of love is rare.” – Jen

Aminin natin, we all want that kind of love. After what happened, Ben chose to stay with Jen until the end despite the difficulties that he must deal with. To love is to suffer, and to suffer means to willingly take the risk. Magmamahal tayo dahil matapang tayo at kaya natin itong panindigan.

Dagdag ko rin yung theme song nila, isa rin kasi ito sa mga naging highlights.

‘I will be here when the laughter turns to cryin’ through the winnin’ lossin’ and tryin’, we’ll be together.’

It’s them against all odds. Sobrang akma nung bawat lyrics sa pinagdaanan nila. Napaka husay.

2. Regrets and guilt

“I’m sorry, Jen, for everything. I’m sorry I gave up on us. I’m sorry I let that happen.” – Ben

You can see Ben’s guilt and regrets after leaving Jen. Totoo na minsan yung mga desisyon natin, akala natin yun yung magpapabuti sa sitwasyon without knowing the could-haves after doing it. So, give yourself some time to ponder before deciding what you think is best for both of you. And then again, no one knows what the future holds, please don’t blame yourself for whatever may happen.

3. Ben’s Fiancée, Abi

Too good to be true yung character niya pero she really loves Ben. Tama yung sinabi ni Jen na nakikita niyang masaya si Ben sa kanya. Sobrang bihira lang ang ganoong klase ng babae. Knowing that your fiancée’s still with his ex and you just have to accept the fact that they still love each other. Kudos sa pagiging understanding niya sa situation.

4. Jen’s courage and happiness for Ben

“I want you to be happy though I’m no longer part of that happiness. Even though were not together. I’m so happy that you were part of my life.” – Jen

One of the saddest parts. She still wants him but she cannot do anything, for it’s too late already. Sometimes, all you can do is to look at someone you love from afar and be happy for him/her, even if that happiness no longer includes you. Nakakabilib yung tapang ni Jen na maging masaya sa taong mahal niya kahit na may mabigat siyang pinagdadaanan. Sobrang brave and selfless.

5. Know your partner’s side, too

“Our relationship is based on your happiness. It’s always me who adjusts to what you want and what’s best for you, which is okay. It’s what I want. But what about me?” – Ben.

Dito ako unang nasaktan. If you are in a relationship, communication is really one of the keys to making it work. Tandaan natin na hindi lang ito tungkol sa ‘yo. Dapat dalawa kayo. You have to be open, considerate, and be sensitive to each other’s feelings. You have to hear them too and listen with understanding.

6. Compromise because, at some point in your relationship, you’ll get tired

“Now, it’s all different. It was tough for me.” – Ben

Accept that your relationship is not perfect. There will be flaws and misunderstandings, kahit gaano pa katagal ang relasyon niyo. Every day is a new learning and an opportunity for you to grow. If you don’t know how to compromise, I don’t think it will last.

7. Forgive someone for the sake of love

“I’ve forgiven you…for breaking my heart. I hope you’ve forgiven me too, for all my shortcomings.” – Jen

Forgive not because you have to, but because you love that person. Naniniwala ako na ang totoong umiibig ay kayang magpatawad kahit gaano pa kasakit ang ginawang pag-iwan nito sa atin. Hindi kailangan madaliin, pero sana dumating ang araw na matuto tayong magpatawad at humingi ng tawad.

8. Because what you thought was an ending, could also be a beginning of something more beautiful

Life is beautiful just like Jen and the sunset. It may feel like it’s already the end of it, however, it also a reminder for a fresh new start. May mawawala sa buhay natin at may panibagong darating, ganoon naman ang takbo ng mundo. We just have to bring them with us and remember them as we move forward in our lives.

Sana maging mas matapang pa tayo kapag umi-ibig, tulad ni Jen at Ben. Sobrang daming aral ang iniwan nito sa atin, kaya gawin natin ang makakaya para sa taong mahal para sa huli, wala tayong pagsisihan.

The Sunday Currently Vol. 5

Originally made by: Siddathornton

Now that my fingers are sort of functioning again. I hope you don’t mind if I post about what I have been up to.



in the absence of the sun by Emily Curtis

This is the second contemporary poetry books that I have been reading besides Lang Leav’s. Frankly speaking, this modern style of writing poetry seems to be less interesting compared to classic ones. Duuh, of course. I mean, yes, it’s good but it isn’t something that I can read over and over.


Aside from this entry, nothing, sadly. I hope I could write one soon. This is the only time that I get to open my notes again. I don’t know why for some reason I cannot seem to find the right words to express my thoughts lately. My apologies, for I, admit that I have been slacking off the past weeks.


I would like to thank ‘A Whisker Away’ for introducing me to them after watching the said film. Haha. They’re the third music personality that I enjoyed listening to from Japan. The first one is One Ok Rock, second is Radwimps, and then this, Yorushika. I tried searching them up on youtube but haven’t seen any videos of them showing their faces and I found out that they are a duo who don’t show up to the public and don’t have their concert yet. I guess, it is somewhat convenient for them to keep their lives private and away from people. Something that I would do if ever I possess the same talent as them.


If I could finish all the series that I wanna watch until next month. So lame but I have been binge-watching and trying to keep up with my lined up series that’s been stuck since I was in college.


My lotion. What’s new to that? Lol.


for pleasant weekdays! Honestly, I am losing track of time ever since this pandemic started. I don’t know what day or date it is if I do not look at the calendar.


Everything’s going well with you. Yes. You… The one reading this... I hope you’re still okay despite the difficulties that we are facing right now. It could be hard at this very moment but I believe there are better days after this. Hold on a little more.


My maroon Nike t-shirt and a grey sweat pants that I forcefully took from my Dad’s suitcase. Shhh.


Stranger Things!

I may be a little late behind but I’m glad that I started watching this series. I’m on season 3 already and I looove it! I particularly like the character of Steve, Lucas, and Eleven. Already waiting for the release of season 4, although I haven’t finished it yet. Haha.


for the time to fast forward.
I miss my friends so much that I literally cried last night ‘cos I saw some pictures of us together and the fact that they weren’t here for my 22nd birthday made me more emotional. That was the first time I didn’t celebrate with them ever since they became my college best friends.


Confused and upset.

Confused because of some personal stuff..and mostly because of my feelings. I thought I could just shrug it off after I sent “that” message to someone but I am dazed as to how this feeling has its own decision that after so many years, it’s still here. And upset due to a lot of things going on lately and I usually find myself ignoring all of it which makes me guilty for doing it. I don’t think my opinion’s relevant, especially I am kind of distancing myself from social media. There are just times that I couldn’t help but let out my opinion about certain happenings. I hope everything falls into place though. Haaay. Let’s just stay positive and spread positivity, maybe it would bounce back!

Be well and have a great weekday, everyone! xx

I Hope You Know

I hope you know

how my heart forgets
to beat for a second
every night this infinite
place decides to whisper
your lone name.

I hope you remember

the time when I told you
about what I have grown
over the last years
of deep admiration
and hopeless confession.

I want you to know,

that I have drowned
myself with words
of sullen tales–
where you can recall
the old forgotten days.

But I guess, you already know

with these sweaty palms
and racing heart of mine,
I did not draw a line–
for somehow, you familiarized
all these feelings I hide.


May mga pagkakataon na
babagsak kang pagod sa
kama at ang tanging maririnig
mo lamang ay ang ingay
ng kapahingahan.
Habang mulat na ina-alala
ang nagdaang bagyo,
hindi maikaka-ilang takot ang
nangingibabaw sa
malamlam na gabi mo.